What is a Dofollow Link?

And just what can they do for me?

What is a dofollow link?

Dofollow links do not technically exist. They are quite simply a hyperlink from one webpage to another, with no other attributes. The term 'dofollow' was quickly adopted by the web and SEO communities when Google developed the 'nofollow' link attribute in the early part of 2005. The 'nofollow' tag was introduced in an attempt to allow a webmaster to tell Google, Bing and other search engines that they do not wish to be associated with a link, and do not want any 'power' or 'link juice' to be attributed to it. In effect this neuters the link, meaning that back in the day when Google still showed us PageRank values for individual pages, this PageRank value would not be transferred via a link with the 'nofollow' attribute. You can see the patent in whole for the nofollow tag here: http://microformats.org/wiki/rel-nofollow

A dofollow link is a 'natural' link that is unhindered by any filtering and is free to transfer any weight, power, authority, link juice, whatever else you choose to call it, to the page it is linking to. For example, if 'Blog A' links to 'Blog B' with a dofollow link, they are saying that 'Blog B' receives their 'thumbs up' and the search engines should treat the link as a vote of confidence. On the other hand, if 'Blog A' links to 'Blog B' with a nofollow link, they are saying that they do not necessarily endorse 'Blog B' and that the search engines should follow it at their own risk.

What is link juice?

The term 'link juice' is what the SEO community has adopted to represent the level of value that passes through a dofollow link from one page to another. It's also known by other terms used by SEO service providers, such as Domain Rating, Trust Flow and relative Domain Authority. The more 'link juice' a page has, the more is transferred to a page that it links to via a dofollow link. And it is generally accepted that the more 'link juice' a page has, the more chance it has at ranking highly in Google and other search engines. There is of course much more to SEO than just links, but the number of links you have and the amount of 'link juice' that is flowing to your website are certainly important factors.

How do I create a dofollow link?

There are many ways to create a dofollow link. If you own websites you can edit your pages to add in links to internal and external pages using your CMS software, such as Wordpress. If you want to create dofollow backlinks to your own websites you can sign up for free website builders, create your relevant pages and insert your links back to your website. But doing this to scale can be long and tedious work - it's best to let us take this load off your shoulders and order our dofollow contextual backlink packages.

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