About Our Services

Just what makes what we do different from the competition?

We search out the links
other services aren't using

Most SEO link building software submits to a standard selection of content management systems and website platforms - platforms such as DotNetNuke, ELGG, Oxwall, Joomla, Drupal, JCow and DataLife CMS. This may sound like a good selection of potential websites, and indeed there are numerous sites out there using such CMSs and platforms. However, because these platforms are included in SEO software such as Money Robot, SEO Autopilot, GSA Search Engine Ranker and RankerX by default, it means that ALL the users of these tools eventually end up submitting to the same sites. With so many people submitting their links on the same domains, these websites get bogged down with spam, and the benefits of any links from them gets diluted massively.

Uncovering alternative link sources

We concentrate on finding link sources that aren't covered by the major link building SEO tools and services. Classified ad scripts, utility-based Wordpress themes and plugins, professional profile creation sites, community building CMSs, and so forth - we research dozens of different opportunities for building links. What's important to us is that we can get a textual article and a do-follow contextual link added to a site, and that domain isn't already being hammered by thousands of other link builders.

Keeping a fresh database

Finding new platforms and opportunities for dofollow contextual links is one thing, building a database of quality sites using these platforms is something else entirely. We've spent a lot of money, time and expertise to develop solutions that mean we can constantly evaluate and feed new domains into our submission database; whether that be by scraping the results of multiple search engines, parsing huge lists of registered domains, or even purchasing url data from brokers. On top of this, we're also always on the look out for new platforms, and have numerous engines 'on the back burner' ready to pick up the slack if we need more link opportunities available for our customers.

Service Features

  • Affordable, starting at $22
  • Detailed Excel reports
  • Links from unique domains, improving IP diversity and RD count
  • Free AI-generated content
  • Free link indexer submission

Our business hours are 09:00 - 17:00 GMT Monday - Friday. Standard order turnaround times are 24-72 hours per order within those times. Orders placed near a weekend may have to wait until the next business day or two for order completion.

Fast Turnaround

Standard orders have a turnaround time of 24-72 hours per order, though work may well be completed much quicker.

Fresh Links

Our custom cloud-based harvester scripts work automatically to give us new and fresh link targets constantly.

Powerful Automation

Links are built using custom scripts and engines, and we are constantly identifying and programming new platforms and link sources for them to utilize.

Looking for a custom solution?

Do you have your own specifications that you would like us to work around? Our technicians can work with you to provide custom made solutions. Contact us to discuss.

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