Frequently Asked Questions

Some answers to your questions, but if you wish to know something else please contact us.

How much time do you need to process a standard order?

Our link building systems are automated, but after your payment is complete one of our team will look over your order details to ensure everything is correct. We aim to get each standard order completed in 24 hours but this may be up to 72 hours depending on when the order was made and the amount of orders in the system. If in doubt and you need an order quickly, don't order last thing on a Friday afternoon.

Is there a monthly charge for your links?

No, each of our packages, whether they be standard or monthly, requires a one-off payment only. We build links to order, and after we build them there is no reoccurring cost to you.

Do you own the websites you build links on?

No, we build links on third party sites only. We don't own any of them.

What content will you be writing for my contextual links?

We use AI (artificial intelligence) to algorithmically-generate content to use when building our links, into which your urls and anchor texts are then inserted. For the technically-minded, we use a hybrid of various language models (ChatGPT / GPT-3.5 / GPT-4, Llama3, DeepSeek-V2, Mistral and Mixtral 8x7B) that 'bounce ideas' off each other. The resultant text is then seasoned with some standard word/phrase spinning. The algorithm produces text that adheres to most English grammar rules, but is mainly there to feed the search engine spiders, and as such may not make complete sense to a human reader, or be factually correct.

Can I give you my own content to use for my contextual links?

Yes of course, but please contact us to discuss beforehand.

Do I need to ping the links you build for me?

We send each link we build to a number of link indexing services to get search engine spiders to notice the new pages. A drip-feeding of 14 days is set for these services, but we can adjust this if you need. We also include a free limited lower tier service with each order. This means we will build additional links to the links built in your order, to help aid spidering and indexing. This additional tier is built around 2 weeks after your order has been processed, and we do not provide a report for it. You are free to opt out of this service if you wish, via the option on our order form.

We do always recommend building some additional lower-tier backlinks to your contextual links to give them a boost and ensure proper indexing.

Will all my links be live forever?

We check to make sure each link is live before processing reports, but as links are built on third party sites we cannot guarantee 100% are live all of the time. This can be due to connectivity issues, hosting and bandwidth issues, website owners moderating and removing links, or simply webmasters making changes to their websites. To try and combat this and to help ensure that you get the correct number of links that you pay us for, we always overdeliver on our orders, typically by around 15%. For example, if you order the 100 links package we will actually build you around 115-120 links, giving a buffer to help protect against link loss.

What should I use your links for?

We don't offer any SEO or SEO advice as part of our service, we just build the links. However we've seen our links being used by clients for numerous applications - to 'power-up' their tier 1 links, parasite SEO, pointing to Amazon product pages, social media presences, press releases, and more. If you are unsure what to do with bulk dofollow contextual links, we recommend you speak to your SEO specialist before purchasing any of our services.

Do you accept all niches?

We can work with most niches, including CBD and casino niches. We cannot accept any adult or illegal niches. If in doubt, please contact us to discuss.

Do you accept non-English websites and keywords?

Yes, we can work with any language websites and keywords, and can produce content in over 30 different languages - see our order form for the latest list we support. To produce our non-English language content we translate our English content with a seperate AI, MADLAD-400, developed by Google Research. If you need to use a language that is not featured on our order form, please contact us to discuss further.

What information do we get in the report?

In your report (a .xlsx file) for each link built we detail the exact url, anchor text used, platform type, the url posted, and IP address of the website.

What platforms do you build links on?

We build links on a large variety of platforms, over 40 at time of writing. These include smaller CMSs, blogging plugins and themes, online portfolio sites, professional profile sites and more. In order to protect the sites we post on for our clients, and maintain a level of exclusivity for our service, we're not naming any of the platforms we use. We fully expect copycat services to eventually work some of them out, which is why we have backup engines and platforms in place to add to the service periodically, and continue to develop more opportunities for contextual dofollow links as time goes on.

I've found a page in my report that has noindex/nofollow tags on my link, what should I do?

Our links database and order reports go through multiple stages of filtering to try and eliminate any trace of noindex and nofollow tags on the pages we build links on. If a link gets through this filtering system and into your order report with one of these tags present on your link attributes or in the robots meta tag, we apologise profusely, and ask you to please get in touch with our support with your order number and the link(s) in question and we will arrange recompense.

I have fewer live links than I ordered, what should I do?

If your order was made within the last 30 days, and you do not have the correct number of live links that you paid for (the number indicated in the package) then please contact support. We will run a link check on your package and build you replacement links if we find that there are fewer live links than advertised. This offer is only available within 30 days of purchase, and once per order.

Our business hours are 09:00 - 17:00 GMT Monday - Friday. Standard order turnaround times are 24-72 hours per order within those times. Orders placed near a weekend may have to wait until the next business day or two for order completion.

Fast Turnaround

Standard orders have a turnaround time of 24-72 hours per order, though work may well be completed much quicker.

Fresh Links

Our custom cloud-based harvester scripts work automatically to give us new and fresh link targets constantly.

Powerful Automation

Links are built using custom scripts and engines, and we are constantly identifying and programming new platforms and link sources for them to utilize.

Looking for a custom solution?

Do you have your own specifications that you would like us to work around? Our technicians can work with you to provide custom made solutions. Contact us to discuss.

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